I have a passion for supporting the well being of all children & their families.

I guide children and their families to find their calm in the midst of this crazy busy, over scheduled, tech dependent world that is today.

There are many approaches and techniques of mindfulness to choose from to work to find your families calm, lessen anxiety, find balance, create more happiness & to re-connect as a family. Time is short & they grow up fast...

I didn't set out to be a Mindfulness Instructor back in the day. My educational background includes diplomas in Developmental Services Work & Assisting in Education.

For twenty years combined between both local inclusive school boards I have worked in elementary schools in all grade levels as well as accommodating positive transitions for students to secondary schools.

The turning point came as I noticed my own children needing additional channels to find calm during their day, as well as the students needing alternative resources & approaches during their school days.

Therefore I added Mindfulness Instructor to my credentials.


Maybe your family would benefit from a family mindfulness session, maybe your child would find the Mindful Kids Series invaluable. Maybe your child would prefer a 1:1 setting as opposed to a group setting, or maybe you would like to establish mindful techniques in your classroom.


Whatever the need is, we will work together to find calm, balance and equanimity.

 Questions? Looking To Collaborate? 

I'd love to know! Send me a quick message below.

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