I have a passion for supporting the well being of all children & their families.

I guide children and their families to find their calm in the midst of this crazy busy, over scheduled, tech dependent world that is today.

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1:1 Mindfulness Session

Following Your Path To Find Your Calm With An In-Person Mindfulness Session.

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1:1 Mindfulness Session

Following Your Path To Find Your Calm With An In-Person Mindfulness Session.

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Mindful Kids Summer Camp

Another summer full of mindfulness camp fun with 7 weeks to choose from. Get ready for calm, happy & focused campers all summer long!

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PA Day Mornings

Mornings full of mindfulness games, tools, practises, chat, activities and more that embodies a mindfulness lifestyle for children.

Ages: 5-10 & 11-13 (LIT’s)

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March Break Camp 

Mindfulness is meeting March Break with curious fun & calm, happy wellness for kids and tweens.

Ages: 5-10 & 11-13 (LIT’s)

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 See What These Mamas Are Saying 

"My daughter was complaining of a sore arm. We were about to call the dr when we noticed her arm would suddenly 'feel better' when in a different environment. I was about to call a child psychologist when I remembered Melissa.

I signed her up for a series of 1:1 mindful sessions and immediately my daughter learned to 'find her calm'. She learned coping strategies for how to deal with "big feelings" and how to "slow her mind" when she started feeling out of control.

Her 'sore arm' went away immediately after her first session and I noticed she seemed much 'lighter'. She now knows how to deal with her big emotions and feelings, where before she didn't. I highly recommend Melissa if your child is struggling with anxiety. Her mindful tools and tricks have proved invaluable for our family. I'm sure we will be seeing Melissa again as more big feelings and changes come during this ride we call life. 

Melissa H.

We were very thrilled with the results of our little one after 1:1 sessions with Melissa. My daughter has learned some really effective strategies to assist her when she is feeling emotions..

so much so that her own words were "I don't like mindfulness... I LOVE IT!"

We are so happy to see her enjoy something so helpful. Thank you so much for everything.

Nikki S.
C. was so happy to tell us about what he had learned in Mindful Kids Series 2.

He then asked if he could come back tomorrow and I explained it was every Tuesday, he then asked if he could keep coming when he was 7 and in grade 2! So thank you for Melissa!


 Frequencies for Life 

Healy is a wearable, lightweight holistic device that contains a range of Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs

To harmonize your Bioenergetic Field with support to anything physical, emotional, mental & spiritual in your families life and... psst it pairs beautifully with mindfulness too!

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