Thank You!!

It's been a wonderful camp season!

Mindful Kids Stratford Summer Camp 2024 Registration Opens on

Friday, Feb. 02, 2024

Testimonials from Summer CampĀ 

After summer camp, I used my anchor breathing at swimming lessons so I could try new things that were scary. I was tired too & my anchor breaths gave me energy to keep trying!

~ Mindful Camper

I used mindfulness to help my focus and concentration to win the super winner hockey tournament during sports week.

~ Mindful Camper

I was feeling mad about the game I was playing so I did sea turtle breaths to settle my mad and feel better. 

~ Mindful Camper

I like taking my mindful toolbox with me (that I made at camp) everywhere because I know I can find my calm.

~ Mindful Camper

When my children repeatedly say,

"we don't want mindfulness summer camp to be over, we want to go here every day."

I knew this camp was the perfect mix of learning, creating and fun for my children.

~Ignor Family

A. had a wonderful week in the Leader-in-Training program and was

already looking forward to next
year on the way home on the last day!

A wonderful program for tweens!

~Heather J.

Melissa has created a very positive and friendly atmosphere for both campers and their parents. B. loved sharing what she had learned and was eager to practice together.

She was calm and happy every day after camp!

We will definitely be back next year! Thank you so much, Melissa!

~ Becky S.

As a mom, I found it very comforting that I was also able to

remind my Leader-in-Training of some strategies when needed

from summer camp and my tween didn't resist using them!!

~ Lisa S.

Amazing! Both my girls have consistently used the strategies learned at camp, most notably their "anchor breathing."

it has been such a calming tool they can use as needed and remind each other of their mindfulness techniques when they get into their "sister squabbles." Violet enjoys setting her stuffed animals up and recreating the mindful breathing Melissa did at camp. Wonderful camp! We will be back!

~Victoria M.

I love seeing my kids happy, tired and relaxed at the end of a camp day!

They had much to share with us, mindful eating was a fave! The lessons they learned are trickling into family convos in a way that really shows how they are integrating them into real life. Many thanks from our two happy campers!


~Pip P.

O. was cheerful and positive following her camp days. Each day we could see new resources being used at home. The program is a great size. It really made for a personal experience.

We look forward to another summer with Mindful Kids Stratford!

~ Danielle F.

Awesome! I can't say it enough how much we appreciate the hard work and patience Melissa put into making sure our camper had a great time!

My only regret is not signing up for more weeks -- next year!

~ Kelly D.